America's Most Influential News Outlets By State: Study

Fox News is most influential in Montana, Texas and Mississippi while MSNBC reigns in Hawaii, Idaho, North Dakota and Iowa, according to Forbes' new study of America's news outlets.

The magazine teamed up with Bitly to measure the most widely-read news sources and stories by state, as determined by the number of clicks of Bitly links. It published the results in a nifty infographic on Thursday.

The results reflected "some obvious interest in local issues," as well as "dearly-held stereotypes about media consumption." Forbes notes, for example, that NPR is popular in Oregon and Minnesota.

However, Idaho and North Dakota — where MSNBC is most influential — are red states. CNN is most influential in South Dakota, which also leans Republican.

So where did other news sources dominate? Wisconsin, Minnesota and New Mexico love The Onion, USA TODAY rules in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada and The New York Times dominates in the northeast.

For the full breakdown, click over to Forbes' media map.



Cable News Ratings February 2012