America's Most Romantic Cities

America's Most Romantic Cities

It's nearly Valentine's Day (as if you needed a reminder), so leave it to the always interesting, a site that pairs women interested in traveling with rich men who can pay for it, to sift through the 7,340 trips planned on their site for the week of February 14th to find the most romantic cities around America.

Take a virtual tour of the places MissTravel calls the country's most romantic below.

1. Austin, Texas
austin texas

2. Charleston, South Carolina
charleston beaches

3. San Francisco, California
san francisco painted ladies

4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

5. Honolulu, Hawaii
latinos hawaii

6. New York, New York
nyc from above

7. Santa Barbara, California
santa barbara

8. Moose, Wyoming
moose wyoming

9. Salt Lake City, Utah
salt lake city skyline

10. Portland, Oregon
portland oregon

11. Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
marthas vineyard

12. Richmond, Virginia
richmond virginia

13. Northeast Harbor, Maine
northeast harbor maine

14. Anchorage, Alaska
anchorage alaska

15. Sedona, Arizona
sedona arizona

16. Santa Cruz, California
santa cruz california

17. Aspen, Colorado
aspen town winter

18. Newport, Rhode Island
newport rhode island

19. Lahaina, Hawaii
lahaina hawaii

20. Rochester, New York
rochester new york

Before You Go

10) Beretta, San Francisco, CA

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