'America's Next Top Model' Makeovers: Male Models Get 'Jesus'-Weave (VIDEO)

It was makeover time on the latest episode of "America's Next Top Model," and the addition of male models this cycle certainly made for some interesting results. For the ladies, it was more of the same: hair dyes, hair extensions and haircuts. Maybe because we've seen women transformed for years now on "ANTM," it didn't seem all that different, but nothing that happened to them was nearly as jarring as what happened to the guys.

Cory's head was shaved down to the scalp, and with his angular jaw and cheekbones it left him looking almost alien. Don's hair was dyed bleach blonde, making him look like he was inspired by Chris Brown. But the most drastic change was saved for Phil. He got a weave.

“Dude, this is awesome man," Phil said after revealing his new look to the group. "It’s a total combination of, like, Jesus, surfer, Tarzan. And I’m totally going to have fun with it.”

But a new 'do wasn't all that was in store for the guys. Everyone got manscaped, too -- meaning full-on body waxing. It was all a bit too much for Buddy TV's Jennifer Lind-Westbrook. "Cory gets the worst end of the deal because they shave his head completely, which makes him look terminally ill," she wrote. "The second disaster is Phil, who gets transformed to look like Jesus' doppelganger.”

On the other end of the spectrum, CarterMatt thought that Phil totally rocked the longer locks. What did you think of the new looks on "America's Next Top Model"? The competition continues on Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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