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America's Oldest Fridge? 85-Year-Old Machine Still Running In New York

America's Oldest Fridge STILL Works!

What may be America's oldest fridge is nearly 85 years old -- and it still works.

The General Electric refrigerator, now owned by Mark Vail and Jane Galyean from Montgomery, N.Y., cost $300 when it was first produced, according to the New York Post. That number is equivalent to $4,225 today.

The model was first purchased sometime between 1929 and 1931.

What was previously thought to be the oldest fridge in the U.S., belonged to Mike Ansel in Lancaster County, Pa., according to ABC News. The 1938 GE model worked until it was picked up for recycling last October.

Of course, neither fridge seems very impressive when when compared to the world's oldest surviving working clock. According to Guinness World Records, that record-holder is from 1386 and has ticked more than 500 million times.

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