America's Poorest Presidents (PHOTOS)

US Presidents are, by nature, risk takers. You have to be to "lead the nation into war, annex millions of square miles of territory, or drop the atomic bomb to end a war," news site 24/7 Wall St. aptly points out.

In some cases, the audacity of past presidents has caused some woeful financial collapses. The following list from 24/7 Wall St., America's Poorest Presidents, shows past commanders in chief to have been bold investors, businessmen, and plantation owners who, like most risk takers, had their luck run out once or twice.

For more on the financial lives of US presidents, check out The Net Worth Of The American Presidents: Washington To Obama.

Here's the list of America's Poorest Presidents from 24/7 Wall St.:

(Slideshow text by Douglas A. McIntyre, Michael B. Sauter and Ashley C. Allen, Editors, 24/7 Wall Street)

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