America's Teachers Are the O.G. DIYers

My mom is a retired teacher and she worked in a terribly underfunded inner-city school. So, I'm no stranger to the bulletin-board struggle and the extra-resourcefulness of teachers when it comes to getting classrooms ready for fall. Naturally, this inspired the creation of the DIY for Teachers channel at! Here are our top classroom DIY ideas to date. (No reason you can't put them to work at home, too, if you've got kids!) -Tabitha Sukhai for This Old House's

Easy Organization Trick


This super-intuitive organization hack doubles as a sorting exercise for early learning classrooms! Not to mention, it turns clean up time into a game the kids will want to play! Learn more VIA The Snug!

Creative Reuse Ideas


Keep your library in order with a little help from these paint-stick markers! An easy enough DIY that makes a great organization tool for records and magazines at home, too. Read more VIA The Snug!

Kid-Proof Storage Ideas


With constant use, board game boxes wither in no time. Keep things organized with labeled plastic storage containers and your game pieces are more likely to not get lost. See more VIA The Snug!

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