America's Top 5 Cities To Keep On Your Radar

The 5 US Cities That Should Be On Your Radar

Whether it's a revamped corner of New York or an up-and-coming Midwest town, it seems like there's always a new "hip" neighborhood or "it" city to visit. Which had us thinking about the coolest cities to visit right now.

After much map-scouring and a sprinkle of savvy, here are our conclusions:

Get to the Green Lady Lounge for some jazz, eat awesome BBQ at Q39, and don't forget to check out the historic City Market. The food is amazing, nearly everything is affordable, and the people are nice.

2. It seems like everyone's moving to Richmond.
richmond virginia

Richmond has one of the best neighborhoods for millennials, but we also love it for its old-timey charm. Stay in the Jefferson Hotel, plan a visit to the HogsHead Cafe for some smokin' BBQ, and check out one of the many beautiful college campuses located nearby. BONUS: Richmond is now officially recognizing Sept. 17 as "Foo Fighters Day RVA."

3. Charlotte is the new Atlanta.

Atlanta has reigned supreme as the major Southern city to visit for pretty much ever, but Charlotte is quickly catching up. With the addition of the new BB&T Ballpark, a buzzing nightlife scene geared toward professional singles AND the return of the original Hornets team name, Charlotte is lookin' good.

4. San Diego is the new Silicon Valley.
san diego

Forbes placed San Diego at the top of its "Best Places to Launch a Startup in 2014," but we've included it on our list since we're in need of some extended sunshine. Venture to Balboa Park to check out a museum or go for a whirl on the carousel, then head over to the historic Gaslamp Quarter for some awesome shopping. San Diego also has 70 miles of perfect coastline, so feel free to skip the shops and soak up some sun instead.

5. And Minneapolis is the new... everything.

It may feel strange to to put "hipster" and "Minneapolis" in the same sentence, but the city is becoming trendier by the second. Between Minneapolis' awesome music scene, wealth of vintage stores and pro teams in pretty much every league, there is literally something for everyone.

Before You Go

Raleigh, NC
zxcynosure via Getty Images
Neighborhood: Morrisville (Town)
% Age 25-34:14%
Median Rent:$855
Median Income:$31,899
Crime Score:Low
Representative College:North Carolina State University
San Jose, CA
Hisham Ibrahim via Getty Images
Neighborhood: Old Mountain View
% Age 25-34:15%
Median Rent:$1,454
Median Income:$37,484
Crime Score:Low
Representative College:San Jose State University
San Diego, CA
Getty Images
Neighborhood: Little Italy
% Age 25-34:15%
Median Rent:$1,261
Median Income:$30,196
Crime Score:Low
Representative College:University of San Diego
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
Witold Skrypczak via Getty Images
Neighborhood: Oak Lawn
% Age 25-34:15%
Median Rent:$874
Median Income:$29,830
Crime Score:Below Average
Representative College:Southern Methodist University
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
Adam Hester via Getty Images
Neighborhood: North Loop
% Age 25-34:14%
Median Rent:$864
Median Income:$33,511
Crime Score:Average*
Representative College:University of Minnesota
Denver, CO
Walter Bibikow via Getty Images
Neighborhood: Speer
% Age 25-34:15%
Median Rent:$902
Median Income:$32,422
Crime Score:Below Average
Representative College:University of Denver
Boston, MA
Images Etc Ltd via Getty Images
Neighborhood: Spring Hill (Somerville)
% Age 25-34:13%
Median Rent:$1,163
Median Income:$33,659
Crime Score:Below Average
Representative College:Boston University
San Francisco, CA
Cavan Images via Getty Images
Neighborhood: Cow Hollow
% Age 25-34:15%
Median Rent:$1,344
Median Income:$36,119
Crime Score:Average
Representative College:University of San Francisco
Chicago, IL
Scott Olson/Getty Images
Neighborhood: Wicker Park
% Age 25-34:14%
Median Rent:$931
Median Income:$30,061
Crime Score:Average*
Representative CollegeDePaul University
Washington, D.C.
Getty Images
Neighborhood: Clarendon (Arlington)
% Age 25-34:15%
Median Rent:$1,353
Median Income:$42,226
Crime Score:Average
Representative College:Georgetown University
Austin, TX
Anne Rippy via Getty Images
Neighborhood: South River City
% Age 25-34:17%
Median Rent:$936
Median Income:
Crime Score:Below Average
Representative College:University of Texas – Austin
New York City, NY
Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Neighborhood: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
% Age 25-34:14%
Median Rent:$1,157
Median Income:
Crime Rate:Low
Representative College:New York University

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