In Budget Debate, Democratic Women Stand for Women

This month's budget debate has shown the true nature of our country's stark political divisions. The veil of fiscal conservatism has fallen away as Republicans have fought to advance a radical ideology, rather than a sound budget.

Not surprisingly, commentary around the budget debate has dominated the news. But what also deserves attention is the way in which Democratic women in Congress have stood strong to block attacks on women's healthcare, demanding that legislators stop using women's health as a political bargaining chip. Their message has been clear: We must compromise on a budget, but we will never compromise the health of American women.

On the other hand, it has been disheartening to see Republican women in the House respond with the party line rather than with the best interest of American women and families at heart.

Democratic women in Congress have been a powerful reminder of the critical role women legislators play in advocating for women and families. I often write about this, but this week I invite you to watch and listen to these women themselves. Their words of passion, conviction, and courage continue to protect our freedoms, our health, and our families.

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