It's Not Drunk Driving if You're Driving a Buggy

CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY, NY 7-- This really happened. I had to check a source to be sure and as it turns out, sure enough authorities in Southwestern New York have charged four young Amish adults with illegal possession of alcohol following an incident around 7:15 last Sunday night in which a buggy collided with a police car. It seems the police were responding to complaints of a raucous drinking party in a rural corner of the Empire State, a party involving an undisclosed number of young Amish delinquents who, say authorities, were impeding the flow of traffic on a back-country road as they imbibed away the early evening.

Apparently one of the buggies changed lanes in a vain attempt to evade authorities and managed to crash into a squad car. Fortunately for the driver there is no law in New York that expressly forbids buggying under the influence. None of the parties involved will face DUI charges. Had they been behind the wheel of a new Prius, which packs at least double the horsepower, they'd be in for a heckuva time before a magistrate. As it is, they'll get hit with underage drinking charges and have to pay for whatever putative damage said buggy did to said squad car.

According to news outlets, several buggies and horses fled the scene. Their whereabouts are as yet unknown.