'Amish Mafia' Star Under Attack

"Lebanon” Levi, star of Discovery Channel's Amish Mafia and author of a new book called Amish Confidential, comes under fire from his nemesis Merlin, who calls him a "money-hungry Amish playboy," claiming Levi exposed Amish secrets for only his own fame and fortune.

"Even though the Amish Mafia is a reality TV show, my issues with Levi are real," says Merlin in the video above. "He wants to come across as he's saving the Amish, when in reality, he's saving himself so he can make a buck ... Levi is going against our Amish beliefs by writing a tell-all book giving all our secrets out there."

Levi responds, "Merlin is a hypocrite and he wants to do everything I do. He's just jealous ... Merlin is just a little piece of garbage." Levi says he's not making much money from the book, and he gives back to the community. "I pay to the Amish Aid," he says, referring to one way the Amish take care of their community.

Watch as the two men face off in a daytime exclusive interview on Wednesday's episode of Dr. Phil — can they finally bury the hatchet?

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