Amplifying the Gender Discussion... With the Voices of 130,000 Women

The dialogue on gender equality has exploded, with women and men from all walks of life -- corporate to Hollywood -- joining the conversation. Gender equality is a global opportunity. It's not only the right thing to do -- it's the strategic thing to do. Diversity makes us smarter and more innovative. It lifts us all up.

We are turning up the volume by amplifying the voices of the 130,000 women at Accenture. In partnership with The Huffington Post, we are weaving together a rich tapestry of our women's stories, told in a uniquely human way. These are stories of hope, courage, aspiration, challenge and achievement. They are meant to inspire, highlight tips and advice and also raise provocative questions about what more can be done.

Why? We want more women in our workforce. More women role models in STEM. More benefits for parents. More hope for our daughters. A balanced gender equation. Through these stories, we want to inspire even deeper dialogue and more important, action. Not just at Accenture, everywhere.

Women and men, we hope you will join this ongoing conversation and add your voices to the mix. Let's listen to and learn from each other. Let's move beyond talking -- to doing. We can make progress, together.