Amputee Soccer Players Brawl During Friendly Game In Belgium (VIDEO)

A soccer match played by amputees representing the Netherlands and Belgium turned ugly over the weekend after a massive brawl disrupted the friendly game.

According to De Stentor, a regional Dutch newspaper, the score was tied at 3-3 at the Saturday match when two players -- one from each side -- tumbled to the ground. One of the players had apparently pulled the other down.

As the referee stopped play, the clash quickly escalated into a multi-person melee, as both players and spectators alike -- using fists, feet and crutches -- came to blows.

Belgian news channel VTM Nieuws captured the fight, which took place at a soccer pitch in Westerlo, Belgium, on film. Watch it above.

Still, despite the altercation, Belgian player Marnix Huys had good things to say about the game.

"It was a pleasant match with a few incidents that should not have happened, but other than that things went well," he said, according to the Daily Mail. "In the end we got stronger and stronger both physically and technically."