Watch Heroic Passersby Drag Mom And Child Out From Sinking Car

Four men selflessly dived into a freezing cold Amsterdam canal for the rescue.

A mom and her toddler were dramatically dragged from a sinking car just seconds before it plunged to the bottom of a canal.

Heart-stopping footage shows four men selflessly diving into the freezing cold water of Amsterdam's Schinkel River to rescue the pair from the vehicle.

With the car sinking fast, they manage to smash the rear window with a brick. They pull the duo out, just as the vehicle disappears down into the murky water.

Emergency rescue crews arrive on the scene and the mom, her toddler and the four men are hauled out of the waterway.

The mom and child, who have not been identified, were taken to hospital and are recovering well, according to the BBC.

Sky News reports she'd parked up next to the river and got out when the car suddenly started moving, with the infant on the back seat.

She tried to remove the chid, but the car nose-dived into the water with the both of them inside. The car was later removed from the canal by fire crews.

The four men, who were not known to each other before, posed for this photograph following the rescue, which is believed to have taken place on Tuesday:

One of the heroes, who local media identified as Ruben Abrahams, said the rescue effort was "quite a natural reaction."

"I think every healthy young man would have jumped into the water," Yahoo News reports him as saying.

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