Amtrak 'Chicago Style' Parody Is AMAZING Spoof Of Mega-Hit 'Gangnam Style' (VIDEO)

Call it promotional genius or a meme that just won't die: "Gangnam Style," the most-watched video in the history of YouTube, gets the Chicago treatment—courtesy of...Amtrak.

The limber-limbed dancer nails Psy's original horsey move while adding some flavor of his own as he dances through Millennium Park, Union Station, Oak Street Beach, Shedd Aquarium and in fromt of Sue the T-Rex at the Field Museum (Shields also hones the K-Pop singer's mout agape longing look to perfection).

On Wednesday, the national rail service shared "Chicago Style" on its Facebook page, with the original video stating the clip was sponsored by the Michigan Department of Transportation Office of Rail (a link below the original video offers a discount code for trips to Chicago from Michigan).