8th Person Confirmed Dead In Amtrak Crash In Philadelphia

Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer said Thursday that an eighth body has been found in the wreckage from the Amtrak train that derailed in Philadelphia earlier this week.

The Associated Press reports that Sawyer said a cadaver dog led officials to the body, which was inside the first passenger car.

"We believe that we have now accounted for all 243 individuals that we believe were on Amtrak Train 188,” Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said at a press conference Thursday.

An initial report from the National Transportation Safety Board said that the train, en route to New York City, was traveling at twice the legal speed limit on the stretch of track where it crashed on Tuesday. Over 200 people were treated for injuries after the accident.

Officials investigating the cause of the crash said that the train was not outfitted with "positive train control,” safety technology that slows or stops trains on the brink of danger.

"Based on what we know right now, we feel that had such a system been installed in this section of track, this accident would not have occurred," said Robert Sumwalt of the National Transportation Safety Board.

An attorney for Brandon Bostian, the train’s engineer, said on Thursday that his client does not remember the crash, according to Reuters. Investigators are waiting for Bostian to recover from his injuries before interviewing him.

This is a developing story and has been updated.



Amtrak Train Crash In Philadelphia