Amy Adams Explains Her Relationship With The Aliens In 'Arrival'

Here's how this story about communication came together.

For those who have seen already seen “Arrival” ― or don’t care about spoilers ― the pleasant surprise of this 2016 Amy Adams-led movie is that despite the vague marketing, the plot isn’t actually a full-on sci-fi disaster movie. With a winking, dialogue-heavy script about the importance of communication, “Arrival” triumphed the very idea of making a connection between storytellers and listeners.

In a new video provided exclusively to The Huffington Post, Adams and linguistic consultant Jessica Coon explain how the movie pulled off such a storytelling accomplishment. (The clip also appears on the the digital HD and Blu-ray release of “Arrival,” released Tuesday and Feb. 14 respectively.)

Adams admits that after meeting with a language expert and reading up on the general field of study, she decided the source material for the script was still a bit over her head.

“I realized I wouldn’t be a good linguist,” joked Adams.

Watch the full trailer for “Arrival” below:

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