Watch Amy Adams' Mom Perform Her Daughter's Oscar-Nominated Role In 'Vice'

Kathryn Adams did her daughter proud on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Even though Amy Adams turned in a stellar performance as former second lady Lynne Cheney in “Vice,” mother knows best how to play the part.

Kathryn Adams proved that Wednesday in taking over for her Oscar-nominated daughter in a “Vice” re-enactment on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” And we mean she took over.

Mama Adams gave Christian Bale, a Best Actor nominee for playing former Vice President Dick Cheney, a run for his thespian money in the scene above.

“Right now you’re a big, fat, pee-pee soaked zero,” Kathryn Adams’ Lynne Cheney says to her husband.

Nailed it, Ms. Adams. You truly deserved the “Acade-mommy Award.”

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