Amy Fox Reports Fake, Armed Post Office Robbery To 911 To Cover Up Her Own Crime (AUDIO, VIDEO)

Amy Fox, a Michigan woman, called 911 to report an armed Post Office robbery by a "black or Mexican" man. Police began a manhunt looking for the suspect, who, according to a lengthy and terrified sounding 911 call, made Fox remove her shirt and lie down on the ground. The catch? The entire story was made up to cover up Fox's own year of stealing from the Post Office in question. Fox is now facing charges.

From the 911 transcript:

Dispatch: 911. Amy: Um, yes this is the Weston Post Office. Someone just robbed me! I need someone out here right now! Dispatch: Could you tell what kind of weapon he had? Amy: It was black and it was small, I don't know. It was a handgun. Dispatch: Can you describe him at all? Amy: Um, he had a mask on. He was big. I don't know, um maybe Black or Mexican. Amy: He said don't look at me no more. Take your shirt off, give me your shirt, and he told me to lay on the ground. Dispatch: he took your shirt? Amy: He took my shirt.