Florida Woman's Records Expunged In Dog Poo Incident

UPDATE: In January 2016, a Florida judge ordered that court and police records related to the incident reported below be expunged, according to documents reviewed by The Huffington Post.


Amy Goldberg, 57, was accused of smearing dog poop on a neighbor's face and arms Wednesday afternoon. She was charged with battery on a person 65 years or older, the Associated Press reports.

The incident started when the 67-year-old neighbor let her pooch answer nature's call on Goldberg's lawn.

Goldberg then came outside to confront the neighbor, who said she was going to clean it up, according to the Sun Sentinel. When Goldberg kept yelling, the neighbor told her to pick up the poop herself -- and that's when things got messy.

Goldberg allegedly scooped up the feces into a plastic bag and ran towards the neighbor. Then she allegedly smeared the dog poop on the neighbor's hands, shirt and face, according to the Palm Beach Post.

When police arrived, they noted the victim's hands and shirt had dog doo on them.

Goldberg allegedly told police the neighbor has persistently let the dog poop on her lawn, according to the paper.

Although Goldberg admitted tossing the dog poop at the neighbor, she said the victim smeared the feces on herself, WPLG reports.

Goldberg was booked into the Palm County Jail on Wednesday and released the next day. A court date is pending.



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