Amy Jo Johnson Morphs Into Original Pink Power Ranger Suit, Sings In Public

Most average human beings would celebrate reaching a goal in basic, human ways. Yet if you're a Power Ranger, everything is a bit more special.

Amy Jo Johnson, also known as Kimberly Ann Hart, the original Pink Ranger, is crowdfunding her directorial debut, "The Space Between," on Indiegogo. Former Blue Power Ranger David Yost challenged Johnson to wearing her Pink Ranger suit and performing in public if she reached her goal. As it turned out, Johnson reached her goal of $75,000 early and morphed into full Pink Ranger gear on Nov. 7 in Toronto.

At first, Yost didn't believe she could beat the challenge:

But hey, she's the Pink Power Ranger, she can achieve anything.

And she did. It's Morphin' time!

When recently asked about whether she would want to make a cameo in the upcoming "Power Rangers" movie reboot, Johnson said she'd "100 percent" do it "in a heartbeat." Hey, Lionsgate, please make this happen.

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