2020 Candidates Reveal Some Embarrassing Moments And Amy Klobuchar's Is A Doozy

The Minnesota senator confessed all to The New York Times.

If the 2020 Democratic nomination were based on which candidate has had the most mortifying experience lately, then Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) would definitely be taking on President Donald Trump next November.

The New York Times asked all the hopefuls (apart from former Vice President Joe Biden, who reportedly declined to take part) the same set of 18 questions for its “Meet the Candidates” project ― including one that urged them to describe “the last time you were embarrassed.”

Klobuchar stood out with her confession about accidentally dropping her “rather brightly colored underwear” in the aisle of an airplane as she was traveling to a Fox News town hall event.

She’d boarded the flight carrying her clothes after being told she couldn’t take her main bag on the aircraft. According to Klobuchar ― whose campaign was marred in its early days by allegations of staff mistreatment and that reported comb salad incident ― a passenger then alerted her to the errant undergarment.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), meanwhile, answered with a story about a pinkie promise that went awry, and Andrew Yang talked about a photo opportunity gone wrong. 

Check out the candidates’ answer to the Times’ question about being embarrassed here, and see its full “Meet the Candidates” project here.

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