Amy Poehler Says What We're All Thinking About Art World Pretensions

Are we dreaming? Or is that really Amy Poehler making the art world parody of our wildest dreams in the video above?

Poehler channels Edith Head in her latest commercial for Old Navy, donning a chic blonde bowl cut, a black cape, and lots of smack talk regarding art world bullsh*t.

The comedienne spouts mad knowledge of the inner workings of the art world in the commercial outtake above, shedding light on the ridiculous habits of art-speak we, sadly, know all too well. Our personal favorite nugget of wisdom has to be: "This is a challenging piece. It’s so stupid it's hard to understand, and that can be interesting."

We always suspected this was the logic behind some of the more dubious New York art shows.

The forty-five seconds of comedy gold above confirm our suspicion there are few things in life more enjoyable than a spot-on satire of the art world. Well done, Amy, well done. You really gave "Portlandia" a run for its money.



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