Amy Poehler's Greatest Fear Is Being Mistaken For Jennifer Lopez

"I don't want J.Lo to be angry at me."

Amy Poehler appeared on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday where she played a hilarious game of "Truth or Truth" with host Jimmy Fallon. 

For her first truth, Fallon asked the "Sisters" star to reveal what she's most afraid of. 

Naturally, Poehler responded by saying, "Easy. Being mistaken for J.Lo. And then being asked to dance. And dancing better than J.Lo. And J.Lo being angry. I don't want J.Lo to be angry at me." 

We feel you, Amy -- we don't think anyone would ever want Jennifer Lopez to be mad at them. 

For Fallon's turn, Poehler asked, "Where is some place you've never had sex?" 

"My 20s," the host responded, causing the audience and his guest to erupt into laughter. 

The rest of the segment was equally funny. Just watch above to see for yourself. 


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