Here's Who Amy Poehler Thinks Leslie Knope Would Back For President in 2020

On "Parks and Recreation," Knope idolized 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and was also a fan of Joe Biden, who is expected to run in 2020.

Politics fanatic and public servant Leslie Knope would probably stay true to her Midwestern roots in throwing her support behind one of the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, according to Amy Poehler.

“Who’s the candidate that’s closest, like the Midwest candidate? Maybe Amy Klobuchar,” the “Parks and Recreation” star said of the Minnesota senator on Thursday when Variety asked which member of the Democratic presidential field her character on the celebrated sitcom would back.

Poehler, along with the rest of the “Parks and Recreation” cast, reunited Thursday night in Los Angeles for a panel honoring the show’s 10th anniversary.

She also said that Knope — who hails from the fictional Pawnee, Indiana — might also support fellow Indiana native Pete Buttigieg.

“She might like that underdog status of him,” Poehler said of the South Bend mayor, before considering that Knope might be too busy with matters closer to home, “like fixing the bench,” to get involved in national politics.

Buttigieg responded on Twitter, cheekily pointing out that Knope would probably appreciate that the Indiana Park and Recreation Association named him elected official of the year in 2018.

On the show, Knope idolized 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and was also a fan of then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden, who made two cameo appearances during the show’s seven-season run, is expected to announce a 2020 bid next month.