Amy Poehler's Kids Have A Funny Take On What It Means To Be Thankful

12/10/2014 02:48pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017

During her appearance on "Ellen" on Monday, Amy Poehler chatted about her sons and their excitement about the holidays. Like many parents, she's found it challenging to help her kids understand the importance of gratitude during this season of giving.

Poehler is mom to 6-year-old Archie and 4-year-old Abel, and she told Ellen, "I'm trying to instill in them and idea of being thankful for what you have and being of service." The actress said that after explaining to her boys how many families don't have a lot of things, Archie and Abel generously suggested they give away some of their toys to kids who don't have any. But, their generosity came with an ulterior motive, she added. "Because then it will clear a lot of space for the new things that we expect to now get."

Reflecting on her work to teach her kids gratitude, Poehler also shared a hilarious anecdote about her younger son Abel. "They went around the room in his classroom to say what they were thankful for, for Thanksgiving, and everybody said, 'my parents' and 'my family' and 'my brother and sister.' And Abel said, 'for all of the toys that I have.'"

"I was like, 'Who's kid is that?'" Poehler joked.

We've all been there, Amy.