Amy Poehler Tells SNL Goodbye (VIDEO)

Amy Poehler Tells SNL Goodbye (VIDEO)

Amy Poehler really did say goodbye to "Saturday Night Live" on Saturday, less than two months after giving birth to son Archie and several more months after signing a deal for a new "Office"-spinoff on NBC.

She initially told interviewers while pregnant that she would not return at all following her maternity leave, but a week ago she returned to play Hillary Clinton and take her place at the Weekend Update desk.

This Saturday she took the chance to say she was leaving, at least as a cast member, "I just wanted to thank everybody, this is my last show. It has been an amazing experience to be here." Being Poehler, the sadness was cut with a little humor, in the form of Fred Armisen's David Patterson impression, who had just appeared in an earlier sketch.

Poehler's last words from the Update chair were, "I love you, and I will miss all of you so much."


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