Amy Poehler's Time 100 Gala Toast: 'Parks & Rec' Star Thanks The Nannies Of The World (VIDEO)

Most comedians never make it onto the annual Time 100 list, but then again, Amy Poehler isn't most comedians.

The "Parks & Recreation" star accepted the honor with all the charm we've come to expect from her at the Gala Tuesday, giving a hilarious and heartfelt speech. She makes mention of her "SNL" buddy Seth Meyers, who attended the Time 100 gala with her in 2008, and how they spoke of one day making it onto the list together.

"It is just as sweet making the list without him," Poehler quipped.

The best part of Poehler's speech (Vulture has a transcript) was who she thanked: her nannies who allow her to have a career and also raise awesome kids. She extended her thank you to all the nannies of the world helping working women:

"I would like to take a moment to thank those people... Some of whom are at your house right now while you're at this event."

Watch her speech below courtesy of Chanee Vijay, {me}longings Studio.