Amy Poehler's 'Weekend Update' Return Didn't Skip Over Her Other Famous NBC Role

Amy Poehler, who appeared in character as Leslie Knope, questioned whether anyone knew there were "cameras at 'SNL.'"

SNL” alum Amy Poehler and show host Aubrey Plaza brought back their iconic “Parks and Recreation” characters during an appearance on Poehler’s old stomping grounds at “Weekend Update.”

Anchor Colin Jost first introduced Plaza, who hosted Saturday, during the segment. Plaza, in character as April Ludgate from the hit NBC show, told Jost that young people could “get a job as a garbage man or something” in order to get involved with local government.

“Because when you work for the local government, doing the bare minimum is doing your part,” Plaza said.

Plaza later introduced Jost to her “old boss” Amy Poehler, who plays Leslie Knope on “Parks and Recreation.” Poehler questioned whether anyone knew there were “cameras at ‘SNL.’”

Poehler later brought up Seth Meyers, whom she anchored “Weekend Update” with in the late ’00s.

“He made it look really easy,” she said.

She later got permission from Jost to “try to tell a joke” in his chair, in a nod to her time on the segment.

You can watch Plaza’s and Poehler’s appearances on “Weekend Update” below.

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