Amy Roberson, Will Russell Reunite To Celebrate First Father's Day In 24 Years

Father, Daughter Joyfully Reunited After 24 Years

This year, a father and daughter in Arizona celebrated a very special Father's Day that was 24 years in the making.

Pastor Will Russell and Amy Roberson were reunited last July after more than two decades apart, KNXV reports. Russell gave Roberson up for adoption shortly after her birth, and she had spent many years hoping to someday find her biological father again.

The story took an interesting -- some might say divine -- turn, however, when it was revealed the pair had both felt the urge to volunteer at the same charity at the same time last year.

"I found myself just kind of drawn here. So I started serving here," Russell told the station about volunteering at the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Roberson, too, was volunteering with the organization, which attempts to "provide Christ-centered, life-transforming solutions to persons facing hunger and homelessness," according to its website.

The two did not make the connection until social media led Roberson to place a nerve-wracking phone call to Russell last summer.

"It took a lot for me to make that phone call," Roberson told KSAZ. "I was really nervous, but it was definitely something I felt like I needed to do."

"I had been praying that she would come into my life, and receiving that phone call was as if God said, ‘I heard you,'" Russell told The Arizona Republic.

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