Amy Rose Spiegel, Story Editor, Uses Olive Oil In The Best Way

This Oil Will Magically Make Your Makeup Disappear

Although applying makeup can be very fun and empowering, the task of having to take it off before bed can be quite troublesome. Like when your mascara won't budge, there's still foundation appearing on your cloth after a wash, or swiping a makeup remover wipe over you face just doesn't cut it.

But, Rookie Magazine's story editor Amy Rose Spiegel might have the answer to all of our makeup removal prayers.

"I use olive oil as eye makeup remover," Spiegel told us. "Why put a bunch of complicated formulas on my face when this works best?" Genius, right? And here's exactly how her DIY regimen goes down:

"I usually wake up in whatever crusted-over product I had on the night before, wash and marinate my face in the aforementioned olive oil to try and atone for never taking off my makeup before I go to bed."

Now we're convinced that forgetting about skincare before bed isn't THAT bad, right? Well, no matter what, we'll definitely have our olive oil handy.

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