Amy Rosen Reveals The 'Holy Smokes' Moment That Could Help Reduce Youth Unemployment

Amy Rosen, President and CEO of Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), joined HuffPost Live on Friday and revealed what she thinks will inspire business leaders at Davos to fight youth unemployment.

Rosen cited a study presented at Davos by Dr. Klaus Schwab about youth unemployment that rallied the leaders in a way she hadn't seen before.

"I've never seen one piece of information rally business leaders like that," Rosen said. "Holy smokes, it's good for investment."

While at Davos, Rosen said she's encouraged people not to just talk the talk on youth unemployment.

"While I do think that talk is cheap, I think that there's a real commitment [to help end youth unemployment] in the heart of companies like Coke, companies like Microsoft, companies like MasterCard," Rosen said. "The sheer weight and influence they have, they can really do it."

Rosen said it's "critical" that we address global youth unemployment because the problem has major potential to grow.

"Africa in 2050 is going to be majority youth," she said. "That is just daunting."

Rosen said she wants to show young people how anyone can be an entrepreneur if they take the initiative. She cited Sean "Diddy" Combs, whom she has worked with at NFTE, as someone who has helped inspire youth by being an example of a successful entrepreneur.

"Once people know that they can own their own future -- particularly for us, because we work with kids from low-income communities... but guys like [Diddy], he's so in charge," Rosen said.

"This generation coming up, when empowered with some basic skills.. they're going to be the job creators," Rosen said.

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