Amy Schneider Wins 39th Straight 'Jeopardy' Game To Move To No. 2 On All-Time List

"I'm still looking forward to seeing it on TV," she said.

Amy Schneider is still unstoppable on “Jeopardy!(Watch the videos below.)

She won her 39th straight game on Monday’s episode to pass Matt Amodio’s 38 wins and take the second spot on the “consecutive victories” list.

“It still feels unreal,” Schneider said in a pre-taped interview the game show shared on Monday. “I’m still looking froward to seeing it on TV to know that it happened.”

Ken Jennings, who holds the consecutive-win record at 74 games, witnessed the milestone as the guest host.

“I’m so glad it’s been Ken,” Schneider said. “He knows what it’s like to be in the position I’m in. ... It’s really kind of comforting having that onstage.”

Amodio, whose run ended in October, and Schneider will compete in the Tournament of Champions later this year. “It’s really going to be an honor playing against you, and it’s going to be a tight competition,” she said, when asked if she had any words for Amodio.

Schneider, who’s from Oakland, California, is the first openly transgender person to qualify for the Tournament of Champions.

“I think that the best part for me has been being on TV, you know, as my true self, expressing myself and representing the entire community of trans people,” she told “Good Morning America” on Monday.

On the earnings front, Schneider stands fourth in regular-game prize money at $1.33 million, behind Amodio ($1.52 million), James Holzhauer ($2.46 million) and Jennings ($2.52 million). Holzhauer’s haul-per-episode average of $74,673 is more than $34,000 above any of the other top champs.

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