Amy Schumer Almost Got Married By Adele Thanks To Jennifer Lawrence

All roads lead back to JLaw.

In some alternate universe far better than the one we’re all toiling away in, Amy Schumer’s surprise wedding was officiated by the one and only Adele.

When the “I Feel Pretty” star tied the knot with chef Chris Fischer in February after just a few months of dating, the Grammy-winning “Hello” singer was initially set to be the master of ceremonies after having been ordained the month before for another friend’s nuptials.

Schumer explained on SiriusXM’s “The Jim and Sam Show” Tuesday that she had been staying in Los Angeles near her friend Jennifer Lawrence, who lives near the singer.

“They’re really good friends and I’d never met her before, so we hung out a little bit that week,” Schumer said.

“Then we were real drunk one night and talking about how we wanted to get married and Adele was like, ‘Well, I can marry you,’ and we were like, ‘OK, cool,’” she added. “We were making a whole plan, like Tuesday at noon, because she takes care of her kid.” 

In the light of day, however, they realized that maybe it wasn’t the most sensible idea after all. 

“Then the next day, she’s like, ‘Hey, we’re not really friends,’” Schumer joked. “She got ordained to marry her good friend, so I think she was like, ‘They’ll be annoyed if I just start marrying random basic bitches.’”

But the comedian charged forward with her wedding anyway, getting married in front of family and friends including Lawrence and Chelsea Handler. 

“So, then we were like, ‘Should we still get married on Tuesday?’ and decided, ‘Yeah, who cares, let’s do it, so there’s no drama. No planning,’” she explained. “When you see your friend go through planning a wedding, it just seems like it sucks, so I just texted people.” 

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Comedian John Early ended up stepping in for Adele, dressing in drag as his alter ego Vicky from Netflix’s “The Characters.” He was, however, understandably nervous to take the reins from the British singer. 

“I got a text from Amy Schumer about three nights before the wedding that said, ‘Will you officiate my wedding as Vicky? Adele backed out,’” Early told Vulture in February. “I was paralyzed for probably 20 minutes and I considered saying no, because it just seemed too overwhelming, and then I realized that I would never forgive myself if I said no. It just made for such a good story, I just had to do it.”



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