Amy Schumer Has Perfect Response To 'American Gothic' Comparison


There are a lot of great women out there who Amy Schumer would probably love to be compared to. This might not be one of them.

One person recently tweeted at Schumer, telling the comedian that she reminds her of "The 'American Gothic' lady." Then, almost immediately, Schumer enlisted the help of actor J.K. Simmons for the perfect response:

Great use of Simmons. Even better use of a plastic fork.

The "Trainwreck" star's picture quickly went viral, gaining around 1.5 million views on Imgur in the first nine hours after its debut.

It's a hilarious response to a somewhat unflattering comparison, but you have to wonder: Did the tweeter have a point?

Grant Wood created "American Gothic" using his sister Nan Wood Graham and his dentist as models. Redditor z3b3z posted a link to a photograph of the models, causing another to joke, "Pretty sure that's actually just a picture of Amy Schumer with a filter on it."

Image: DesignBoom

Could Schumer really be a distant relative of the model in the photo? Or perhaps she's just another time-traveling celebrity like Daniel Radcliffe? Did the "Harry Potter" star lend Schumer his time-turner so all generations could enjoy her charisma and good looks?

When your modeling game is this on fleek, anything is possible ...

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