Amy Schumer's 'Ask If Birth Control Is Right For You' Lampoons How Ridiculously Hard It Is To Get

Amy Schumer Reminds Women How Painfully Hard It Is To Get Birth Control

Are you having trouble deciding whether or not to use birth control? Take a page from Amy Schumer's book and ask around.

Schumer's sketch "Ask If Birth Control Is Right For You" hilariously illustrates how painstaking it is for women to obtain birth control by parodying a prescription drug advertisement. “Ask your doctor if birth control is right for you… then ask your boss if birth control is right for you," the soothing voiceover says.

All too often a woman's ability to access birth control (and generally be in charge of her own body) is not up to her. From the 2014 Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case that ruled certain employers don't have to provide contraception coverage for female employees to the flawed process of getting birth control under the Affordable Care Act -- the process of obtaining birth control in the U.S. is anything but easy.

If you're still confused about whether birth control really is right for you, here are a few other people you can ask:

  1. A boy scout
  2. The mail man
  3. An old black dude and asian boy playing chess in the park
  4. Your mom’s new boyfriend
  5. Your boss' priest
  6. Oh, and of course, the Supreme Court

The most important part? Make sure the suggestions about what to do with your vagina and her ovaries come from men only.

Watch the full video below.

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