Amy Schumer Reveals Her Baby's Name In An Adorable Instagram

Gene Attell Fischer just got a front row seat to his funny mom's life.

Comedian Amy Schumer revealed her baby’s name on Tuesday with a sweet Instagram photo of her husband, Chris Fischer, holding the newborn.

“Gene Attell Fischer And his dad Chris,” she wrote in a caption.

Schumer delivered Gene on Sunday night and announced the arrival of her “royal baby” on Monday. That’s the same day the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their baby boy.

Schumer beat Harry and Meghan to the public-naming punch.

She also gave a nod to Monday’s Met Gala, posting a pic of her “Met look this year” that actually shows her on the way to the hospital before the birth.

Gene is Fischer and Schumer’s first child. They married in February 2018.