Amy Schumer Says It's Other People Who Need To Accept Her Body, Not Her

"There’s nothing for me to get over. This is my body. This is my face. This is it.”

It seems like everyone has way too much to say about Amy Schumer’s body ― except, refreshingly, Schumer herself.

Perhaps that’s why the topics of body image and self-love took up much of the “Snatched” star’s recent interview with Refinery29. With her trademark confidence, Schumer addressed her recent InStyle swimsuit cover and the controversy that arose when a swimsuit designer suggested Schumer shouldn’t wear a bathing suit.

“I’m not like rolling around in bed going ‘Yaaas,’ but I think I can feel great,” Schumer said. “I can be feeling myself! Like I shot that InStyle cover and I was really feeling myself that day. I think that sort of acceptance... when I see myself in this movie, in a bathing suit, I’m fine. There’s nothing for me to get over. This is my body. This is my face. This is it. I don’t strive for this other version.

“I want to be healthy,” she continued, “and my weight fluctuates and whatever, but... I feel like other people need to work on accepting my body. Or not! People need time to decide how they feel about my body. I don’t think about my body. I want to be healthy.”

Schumer concedes that she feels “really lucky” for her deep-rooted self-confidence and feels bad for young women “growing up with all this social media and stuff.” But we could all learn a thing or two from Schumer’s relationship with her own body, and our relationships with other people’s bodies ― in that those latter relationships need not exist.

Head to Refinery29 to read the entire interview.