Amy Schumer Hilariously Calls Out Her Boyfriend's Mom

"Too far, Deb!"

Parents always seem to find new, creative ways to embarrass you, but no one has anything on Amy Schumer's boyfriend's mom.

In addition to promoting her new season of "Inside Amy Schumer" and explaining why she had a problem with Glamour magazine labeling her plus-size, Schumer opened up to Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday about how much she loved her boyfriend, Ben Hanisch, and his family. The comedian also gave a very special shoutout to her boo's mom, Deb.

Schumer recalled how she told Deb to say "no comment" when reporters came calling. However, despite Deb's confidence that it wouldn't be a problem, Schumer says it didn't go that way. 

"Not even 10 minutes later, I get a Google alert that says -- Time magazine -- that Deb was like, 'I’ve never heard of her before in my life.'"

"Went too far, Deb!" joked Schumer. 

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