Amy Schumer Gets Lawyer To Send Hilarious Cease-And-Desist Letter To Her Trainer

"Your blatant disregard of Ms. Schumer's physical well-being can only be interpreted as a deliberate effort to cause Ms. Schumer emotional distress."

Amy Schumer is threatening legal action against her personal trainer for torturing her with killer workouts.

The actor and comedian trolled trainer AJ Fisher with an Instagram post showing a cease-and-desist letter drafted by her attorney, Isaac Dunham, demanding that Fisher “immediately cease and desist such torment of Ms. Schumer.”

“It has come to our attention that while Ms. Schumer has engaged you to perform simple physical training for her, you have instead forced Ms. Schumer to perform extreme and unduly punishing physical exercise well outside the bounds of normal physical training,” the letter states.

“Your blatant disregard of Ms. Schumer’s physical well-being can only be interpreted as a deliberate effort to cause Ms. Schumer emotional distress, potential physical injury and lost revenue.”

During the season finale of her “3 Girls, 1 Keith” podcast, which aired this week, Schumer had shared a hilarious story about a time when her trainer inflicted workouts so intense that she enlisted the help of her attorneys.

Schumer had no problem following up on her story with evidence that it really went down. In the caption of her Instagram post, she explained that her trainer was actually “amazing” and was the reason behind her feeling so “strong and good,” as well as having assisted in her recovery from her herniated discs and C-section (she had her baby, Gene Attell Fischer, in May).

Fisher made a post of her own not too long afterward, saying it was the “best quasi-testimonial I’ve ever received,” adding that she was totally suing her client for “getting in shape too fast!”

Schumer also added an extra bit of color to her story, explaining how she’d asked her lawyer (whom she loves, she said) to write the letter despite it being a massive waste of his time.

“Was this is a wasteful use of resources? Very very much so but it brought me so much joy,” she wrote.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with her trolling ways, though ― Schumer added a second picture to her post of Dunham sitting on a park bench with his own face on it, saying that she’d bought him the bench ad space on his route to work as a joke once.

“Have you been injured?” the bench reads. “Well, I’m sorry that happened to you. I’m here if you just want to talk.