We Are All Amy Schumer Preventing Chafing At The Met Gala


The Met Gala red carpet is a lot of things: It's glamorous! It's star-studded! And oh, it's 1,000 degrees.

Between the flashing bulbs, grand staircase and sheer volume of people, entering the world's most fabulous party can get a bit uncomfortable. And while the stars would never let you see them sweat, Amy Schumer, queen of all things relatable and amazing, let her fans in on one little Secret.

Schumer used deodorant to prevent chafing in her stunning Alexander Wang gown.

No chafe #nothighgapnoproblem

A video posted by @amyschumer on

"'It's called I don't want to chafe,'" Schumer says in an Instagram video while applying deodorant to her inner thighs. She captioned the post "No chafe #nothighgapnoproblem."

It was a refreshingly human moment from such a fantastical evening. And gave us (yet another) reason to hail Schumer as our queen.

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