Amy Schumer's Compliments Sketch Reminds Women To Learn How To Accept Praise

Are lots of women awful at accepting praise? That's the premise of comedian Amy Schumer's "Compliments" sketch -- and she makes a pretty valid point.

The sketch (watch below) features Amy and her female friends giving and expertly deflecting compliments. "You dyed your hair! It looks amazing!" says one of the women. "No, I tried to look like Kate Hudson and ended up looking like a golden retriever's dingleberry," Abby Elliott responds. When one of the women finally just says "thank you!" to a nice comment, all hell breaks loose.

The sketch made me laugh out loud, because, let's face it, Schumer and her lady friends are completely hilarious. But it also hit a little too close to home -- and that made me sad. I'm definitely one of those women who sucks at taking a compliment, and I know I'm far from alone. I feel physically uncomfortable when someone tells me I'm beautiful. When I receive praise for my work, I consistently say things like "I didn't think anyone read that" or "oh, but so-and-so helped me on that one." And I always feel the need to explain how inexpensive or old an item of clothing is when someone says it's pretty.

These sorts of comments reinforce a pattern of continuous lady self-loathing. When being unable to accept praise is the norm, it makes it more difficult for us to take pride in what we do or what we look like. And frankly, when I compliment a friend or acquaintance, I genuinely mean whatever I say -- I don't want her to brush it off and insult herself as a result. Instead of downplaying our accomplishments, intellect and looks, women should be celebrating those things that make us exceptional. Owning your awesomeness doesn't make you obnoxious or arrogant. It makes you confident.

For the sake of people everywhere who loathe getting into a "You're so pretty," "No, you're so pretty" conversation loop, we need to start accepting positive affirmations at face value. Next time someone tells me that he or she loves something I wrote or that my Zara dress looks bomb, I'll try to take Ms. Schumer's friend's lead and simply say, "Thank you!"

So, thanks, Amy, for giving us all an important reminder -- and making us laugh while doing it.


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