Amy Schumer's 'Girl You Don't Need Makeup' Parodies Pop Songs -- And Starts A Movement

Amy Schumer Parodies Pop Songs That Tell Women They Don't Need Makeup -- And Starts A Movement

Amy Schumer strikes again -- making us laugh while also reminding us how ridiculous our beauty standards are.

On an April 28 episode of the show on Comedy Central, Schumer parodied the (rather obnoxious) trend of men assuring women of their beauty -- notably the idea that men commonly tell women they don't need to wear makeup.

In the sketch, styled as a music video for a song called "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup," Schumer is surrounded by a boy band singing in high-pitched tones about how she's so beautiful that she doesn't need to wear makeup. That is, until she takes her makeup off... at which point, they beg her to put it back on.

“Girl you don’t need makeup, you’re perfect when you wake up. Just walk around like that all day,” the boys sing while caressing Schumer's face. As commanded, Schumer takes off her makeup -- and the guys quickly backtrack: “Hold up girl we spoke too soon with this whole new makeup tune. We kinda changed our mind on the makeup… thing.”

To prove that women do look beautiful without makeup, Schumer tweeted out a picture of her and a friend wearing no makeup before the episode aired. She asked users to tweet images of them without makeup with the hashtag #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup:

The responses started pouring in:

Schumer later responded to everyone who participated, tweeting about how amazed she was by the overwhelming support she received:

Indeed, a few men also showed their support by tweeting images of their fresh faces:

So no, ladies -- you don't have to look like this to attract a significant other.

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