Amy Schumer Achieves Our Life Goal Of Mingling With The 'Hamilton' Cast

Just rubbing the good life in the faces of us mortals.

While we were eating pizza and binging on our favorite Netflix show for the fourth time this weekend, Amy Schumer was living our dream and seeing "Hamilton" on Broadway. Yes, it's a dream, because it's basically impossible to get tickets for any time in the near future without spending a small fortune. All we can do is hope.

The "Trainwreck" star shared a photo on Instagram of her and her squad, including boyfriend Ben Hanisch, sitting in the theater. 

Our name is Alexander Hamilton

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Then, she made us even more jealous by sharing a photo of the group mingling with the cast backstage. Just rubbing the good life in our faces. 

In all seriousness: Amy Schumer + "Hamilton" = one hell of a combo. Just look at how much fun they had! 

Abhhhhhh #hamilton #bunk

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

Maybe, just maybe, we'd shell out to see the comedian make a cameo in the musical everyone's talking about. 



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