Vote, Or Else Your Friends, Family And Amy Schumer Will Judge You On The Internet

A celebrity PSA that might actually get you to the polls.
Vote -- or else.
Vote -- or else.
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The 2016 election is a mere four days away. Will you make it to the polls? If you’re thinking you won’t, here’s Amy Schumer with a last-ditch effort that actually might help change your mind.

Instead of playing on your sense of common human decency or moral turpitude, Schumer appeals to your base instincts, like shame and ruthless judgment on the internet, in a new video shared on social media Thursday.

“Your voting history is public record. It doesn’t say who you voted for, but it says if you voted at all,” she says. “Your decision to vote or not is obviously up to you, but judging you for that decision could be up to the internet, and everyone has access to that.”

As for who to vote for, Schumer simply requests that you don’t put an “orange, sexually-assaulting Godzilla who started a fake college” in office.

Watch the PSA below:

She's passionate.

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