Amy Schumer Is Overexposed But Doesn't Care In New 'Inside Amy Schumer' Trailer

The fourth season starts April 21st.

A few things have changed since "Inside Amy Schumer" was last on the air.

The titular comedian became something of an "it girl," released her film "Trainwreck" to critical and commercial acclaim, took a dive on the red carpet in front of Kim and Kanye and jet skied with Jennifer Lawrence. 

Seriously, we've seen a lot of Amy Schumer in the past year. And after watching the new trailer for Season 4 of "Inside Amy Schumer," we're pretty sure she would agree. 

"Amy, the test came back positive," a doctor tells Schumer in the promo set in a clinical exam room. "I'm sorry to tell you this, but you've been overexposed …Yes, you're everywhere, magazines, this Instagram photo of you on the subway wearing a poncho, Amy."

He urges her to stay out of the public eye. That means no magazine covers, no late-night talk shows, no podcasts ("Thank god," she says) and most especially no more of that basic cable show that made her famous. 

"No can do, doc. Gotta follow my heart. Keep exposing my self," she says, breaking the fourth wall with a wink to the audience. 

Hopefully Schumer's newfound celebrity means that the new season will be full of famous guests. Just try to top this, Lawrence. 



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