Amy Schumer: Let's Talk About The Way We Talk About Women And Sex

"You're made to feel really weird and disgusting if you're a girl who likes to have sex."
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Amy Schumer has never been shy when it comes to discussing sex in her comedy. That commitment to candor was on full display in her HBO comedy special "Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo," which premiered over the weekend. In that hour, the "Inside Amy Schumer" creator covered everything from UTIs to made-up (decidedly not girl-friendly) sexual positions -- and why she rejects the term "sex" comic.
The 34-year-old comedian, who has previously opened up about struggles with body image, commended Jennifer Lawrence for speaking out about wage inequality and recently negotiated a higher salary for herself, spent part of her act shedding light on a frustrating truth about how we perceive women and sex.
"I just think sex is explained incorrectly as far as men's and women's roles go," she said on stage at the Apollo Theater, where the special was recorded."We are all told over and over again that men love sex -- and that women just deal with it. Like [in] every sitcom, it's always the guy getting home from work and saying, 'honey, how about tonight, eh?' and she's always like, 'blehhh, you know I hate your dick! (Laundry, laundry, laundry.)'"
Schumer is not the first to call attention to the myth that women never desire sex yet men do constantly, but she's definitely doing her part to set the record straight. "It's insane. I don't know any girls like that. Every girl I know likes having sex," she said. "I love having sex. Not a weird amount -- like a normal person. You're made to feel really weird and disgusting if you're a girl who likes to have sex."
She points out that even the act of talking about sex is treated differently between the genders."I'm labeled a sex comic. I think it's just because I'm a girl. A guy could get up here and literally pull his dick out and people would be like, 'he's a thinker!'"
Based on the roars of applause and standing ovation at the end of the special, this "sex comic" is doing just fine.
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