Amy Schumer's Cuddly Nap With Baby Gene Is Awwww-Inspiring

The comedian said she's returning to work -- but not before this adorable Instagram moment.

Comedian Amy Schumer booked her sweetest offstage gig when she and husband Chris Fischer welcomed their son Gene in May.

But duty calls. In an Instagram on Wednesday, the “I Feel Pretty” star wrote that she was returning to work this week and included a broken heart and crying emojis.

Credit the sadness to longing for moments like the one in the photo she posted ― a cute and cuddly nap with the little guy.


Schumer performed a stand-up routine a few weeks after her delivery, sweetly yet savagely fending off critics.

Schumer did not provide details on her return to work. Maybe it has to do with her upcoming Hulu comedy “Love, Beth”? A club appearance? Or perhaps she’s planning the sisters movie she wrote with pal Jennifer Lawrence? 

Whatever it is, we hope she and baby Gene had a great nap.