Ryan Seacrest Stopped Amy Schumer From Talking About Her Vagina

Now we'll never know what she was going to say ...

At the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Amy Schumer showed she had no qualms about making Ryan Seacrest uncomfortable by bringing up a personal subject on the red carpet. Unfortunately, he was not having any of it.

The clip above includes part of Seacrest's quote: "She did say to me before we were on, 'Tell me when we're on so I don't do anything I shouldn't do when we're on.'"

"Well, my vagina itched, and I asked if I could address it, and you said no!" declared Schumer, who is nominated for an award in the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy category.

"That's why Kim is here," Seacrest said, referring to Schumer's sister, who we presume acts as a sort of verbal-filter-slash-life-coach for the actress.

"Just say 'I'm excited to be here tonight,'" Kim instructed.

"I'm excited to be here tonight," the comic recited. Watch the full interview below.

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