Amy Schumer Took Over A Woman’s Tinder Account And Amy Schumered All Over It

"If you're not wearing a shirt in your profile photo... stop."

Amy Schumer is known for her ballsy, straightforward style of comedy, often saying out loud what many people are thinking. So when the comedian took over a Vanity Fair associate's Tinder account during her shoot for the magazine's May 2016 cover, it's no surprise that the results were, like Schumer herself, hysterical.

Schumer -- who had never used the app before the shoot -- picked up on it quickly. 

And she didn't hold back when it came to judging the dudes of Tinder:

"The guys that are closest with their moms...are the secret dirtbags of the universe."

"Chill out. You're not James Bond. Just be real and funny."

"Skydiving!? Stop enjoying your life. Watch television like the rest of us." 

"New York is a lonely place."

And much to the amusement (and horror) of poor Andrea, whose account she hijacked, Schumer also sent messages to the men she matched with.

Spoiler alert: Amy-as-Andrea did not find true love.

Watch the full video to see the cringeworthy conversations here, and check out Schumer's cover story here.   

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