Amy Sedaris Discusses Her New Husband, Tap Dances On "Letterman" (VIDEO)

Amy Sedaris appeared on the "Late Show" last night and in between deep thoughts on tree forts and barefoot tap dancing, she discussed her recent wedding to a man named Glenn. We don't know if Glenn is real or not, but we will say that this is not the first time she has introduced or killed off a lover while talking to David Letterman.

She used to frequently talk about her imaginary boyfriend, Ricky, until she went on the "Late Show" in 2006 and revealed that he had been murdered. Could Glenn be Ricky's murderer?

Sedaris was on the show to discuss her upcoming film, "Dance Flick," but she and the host spent more time talking about weddings and marriage than the movie. Letterman wed long-time girlfriend Regina Lasko in March, after 23 years of dating.


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